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IRIX Binaries

Step 1: Onre’s optlocal

This is a large tarball of precompiled IRIX binaries.

This may be used to ‘bootstrap’ your IRIX system.


Fetch this file (using some method) to your IRIX host. As root, extract it to /.

Inside the file there is an optlocal.profile file which sets rld search paths accordingly.

NOTE: this includes an /etc/sudoers file with my username. Replace with yours instead of blaming onre for trying to hack you.

NOTE: curl expects to find a cacert.pem containing certificates in /opt/local/etc. You can get it here:

What’s included:

  • openssl 1.0.2q
  • curl 7.6.2
  • bash 4.4
  • m4 1.4.17
  • berkeley db 6.2.23NC
  • sudo 1.8.26
  • xz 5.2.4
  • perl 5.28.0
  • autoconf 2.69
  • automake 1.16.1
  • libtool 2.4.6
  • git 2.19.2
  • libexpat 2.2.6
  • GNU make 4.2.1
  • GNU grep 3.1

Step 2: Tardist Ports at contains current known-good ports packaged as tardist archives.

GCC 4.7.4, GCC 8.2.0, Python 3.5

Tardists are available on in the lang category.

Step 3: irixports

irixports simple ports collection that includes software and patches for compiling on IRIX

Step 4: SGUG Developer releases

SGIDevnet repos early access and WIP porting projects

Other resources


Unxmaal and Onre did some work with pkgsrc but the effort stalled due to the size of the project. If you’re interested, here are notes: