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Unxmaal and onre have worked together to give us a nice and easy method to crosscompile programs for IRIX. Unxmaal’s “compilertron” utilizes a patched GCC 4.7.4 in order to build a nice crosscompilation environment in a Vagrant Debian virtual machine.

Crosscompilation brings a number of advantages including vastly improved compilation times.

Setting up compilertron

  • Make sure you have Vagrant, Virtualbox, and Git
  • Clone Unxmaal’s compilertron repo - git clone
  • Go into the directory and run vagrant up - the magic of Vagrant will provision the virtual machine for you!
  • After everything is completed, you can access the virtual machine by running vagrant ssh
  • sudo -i to root
  • root bashrc: You might want to make a .bashrc for root in order to set the proper PATH, CC, and CXX variables. Here is an example:
    export PATH=/opt/binutils/bin:/opt/gcc/bin:$PATH
    export CC=mips-sgi-irix6.5-gcc
    export CXX=mips-sgi-irix6.5-g++
  • Congratulations - you should now have a basic crosscompilation environment set up!